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Website Launch

At last! The Writing Sett is here.

And Mark leads somewhere.

I know a website is an essential part of any writer's portfolio these days. A showcase, a shop window, an opening of my flip-top head so you can take a look inside...should you wish to.

So I've only gone and done it and it's been a surprising amount of fun. The decisions are endless, so here is the speed-dating version of the dilemmas I've faced:

- Which host? - I went with WIX in the end for two main reasons. 1. They were reviewed as really easy to update - which is true. 2. They had the template that caught my eye.

- A Template - there are a trillion of them when you browse wordpress, WIX and others. That dazzled me for a while, until I found one I liked and could adapt to my needs.

- Colours, Pictures, Words - yes, all of these are required and the scope for prevarication is even greater than the lure of social media. To be honest, I loved this bit and will continue to do so. Like any words, I found they're better for an edit. But I'm in control, so things can change.

- To blog, or not to blog? - that was a question, I admit. Easy answer for me - had to be. A good way to keep the site current and keep you coming back I hope.

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