'There is only one happiness in this life. To love and to be loved.'                        Fred


                Hmm...not quite. 


'There are at least four happinesses in this life. To love and to be loved. To read and to write.'                                          Mark



This is my writing life  on the web. My short stories, novels-in-progress, my readings and performances are all here. My blog is here too and there are links to events I am involved in or going to.


Otherwise, the stories I have to tell live in Bristol, in Bath, in print and in my head...but not for long.


Mark Rutterford
I hope you enjoy some of my black and white...and the little fella's picture too.
                   Thanks for visiting.


The best things come in black and white - especially words on a page. 


Putting words on a page makes sense of everything. Sharing words on a page is the best fun ever.   


So don't expect me to be cool about writing or the things that inspire me. Least of all here!


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