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It's important to me, to share and say thank you for some of the things and some of the people that inspire me. I know you'll make up your own mind and whatever you choose to consume, I'm sure you'll do so responsibly. Enjoy!

Books and Authors

I'm curently juggling:

- 'The Trick To Time' by Kit de Waal

- 'Grow Your Own Happiness' by Deborah Smith 

- 'Book of the Bloodless Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives' by Christopher Fielden 


As ever, I must read more.


My main influences are Roald Dahl, Cecelia Ahern, Nick Hornby and Tony Parsons. And  if ever you're in need of a good cry, 'Cyrano de Bergerac' by Geraldine McCaugheran is a great leveller.



Should you be reading more too? 

Other Writers

I've found that, individually and collectively, in person and online, writers are the warmest and most genuine of people. This is true of those around the corner and those on the other side of the world.

I'll extend this compliment to creative people in all forms - actors, artists, makers and magicians of all persuasions.


You are inspiring - one and all. 


Go on, smile at a writer today!

The most amazing of story telling events run by Clare Reddaway of A Word In Your Ear and Olly Langdon and Caroline Garland of Kilter Theatre.


Starting out in a former kitchen shop, Story Friday is now at Burdall's Yard, Bath running every other month with stories inspired by a theme. Brilliant staging and stories and bunting - a huge inspiration from the first to the last.




Oh, and go to any Kilter event - they're  beautiful. 

A multi-talented writing group with energy, ambition and a whole lot of bright ideas. Super writers, people I trust and a lot of fun too. Providing the critique I need - from structure and story, through to punctuation and 'please stop now, it's making me feel sick'. Better for it.


Purveyors of Talking Tales, a fine story telling night, with the legendary 'Finish The Lines', the even more legendary PodCasts and the (better than Blue Peter) Talking Tales badge. Talking Tales is held every other month at Left Bank in Stokes Croft, Bristol.


See you at the next one? 


Whether you're a one-time member of an audience or long-time organiser of a writing or spoken word event. This thing, the best thing ever, depends entirely on you. So please don't let it stop.


Words of encouragement, laughs in the right places, questions and comments - these are riches beyond a writer's wildest dreams. And you know, writers have some pretty wild dreams. So keep them coming, to all writers, they mean a lot.


Thank you.


Music and Lyrics

Not just something to listen to, but the inspiration for a lot of my writing.


From Ian Dury to Edith Piaf. From a brilliant Ed Sheeran lyric, to the simple joy of 'Shake It Off'' by Taylor Swift. Sheelanagig, Maria Callas and David Gray - you have all started a story.


There will be more of this from me. I'm not quite sure what form it's going to take just yet. But entwining some music into a story, or a lyric into the narrative, is something I'm always exploring. 




I think music is my muse.   

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