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April Retrospective

It was even better than expected. Literary events in April, not the weather.

Talking Tales was a birthday treat - on a Saturday night! There were party poppers, liberal use of the word 'awesome' and super stories from writers far and wide...well Bristol north, Bristol south and Stroud. I was jumping up and down, and thus losing the ability to walk, at my last ever Bellowhead gig but...all was not lost. Those clever clogged people of Stokes Croft Writers only went and videoed the whole thing. See here: Talking Tales You Tube channel

I read a weepie at Novel Nights - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. It was an emotional reading of an emotional story and it seemed to stir the emotions in the audience. I was delighted, a bit of a wet rag by the end of it and surprised if I'm honest. We had a moment, in that room...and it was great. The best. I have never felt as blessed to be a writer~performer. Huge thanks to Grace Palmer, Helen Sheppard and Judy Darley, to the brilliantly honest and grounded Lucy Robinson and the always super Mel Ciavucco (and everyone else sharing that moment with me and each other).

Hawkesbury Upton Literary Festival was a triumph - I heard that from all corners. Bravo Debbie Young!

And then there was Stroud. Stroud Short Stories - organised by the most organised John Holland and a tiny team who made it impossible not to think this was the best organised event of all time. How marvellous to be amongst an April 10 of stories so diverse, so poignant, so funny, so well read and in one case so terrifying - I didn't know whether I was too elated or too scared to sleep. Actually I do know - it was elation - it was that kind of a night. I'll be going to this again in the Autumn - just to listen and enjoy. I read Mayfly.

And there was more - a third performance in 8 days at a new event in Bath: The Speakeasy. Stories were told in a tasting room of Independent Spirit - a rather cool drinks establishment in the city. More new voices to hear and some old friends too. Super stories, gin and many congratulations to Chris Allsop, Nicholas Ridley and Katherine Doggrell for their inaugural event. Plus...Q & A - that was fun. Or scary. Or both. Next event is in July - go support them.

The month of May might have been a disappointment. But there was better weather and Skomer - both of which were just brilliant.

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