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January round-up

New story!

Almost exactly 2 years on from my live debut, I returned to the fabulous Story Friday stage at Burdalls Yard in Bath. The theme was Gold and I opened the wellies...with my newest story 'Found in the earth'.

As you know, I'm not shy of telling you about what inspires me and in this case, let me tell you about:

Glyn Macey - an artist whose paintings are just breathtaking.

Rostra Gallery - one of my favourite places in Bath. A friendly gallery with all the beautiful things I mention in my story. It's in George Street and they have an ever changing, always exciting, range of things on offer. Quite often, Rostra has some of Glyn's work for sale - you know what to do, don't you?

Five other stories - magical, funny, clever and very well told.

Found in the Earth was recorded and is available via my stories page.

Other than that, January has been a month of planning new stories, starting some drafts and plotting new performances. Lots of very exciting things to work on. Also this month, I bought a triangle, ate the last mince pie and got into the swing of writing group critique. More of all of that when the time is right.

February beckons and with it there will be some photos, some new stories and performances I hope and theres a Stokes Croft Writers event, Talking Tales, on Saturday, February 20th. Come along!

And for writers, the deadline for submissions is 12th Feb - all details here.


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