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Crinkly mouths and 9 days in April

Along with the sun, the weeds, the noisy tweeting of songbirds, the hail...well it is an English Spring after all. Along with all that, there is a full-on literary burst happening over the next 9 days in April.

Today is Talking Tales day - the first anniversary edition of spoken word event run by Stokes Croft Writers in Bristol. From 6.30pm at Left Bank, Stokes Croft there will be some brilliant stories to make you laugh and crinkle your mouth as a result of other emotions. My mouth is crinkling because I can't be there, I'm saying farewell to Bellowhead tonight - so please pitch up to Talking Tales on my behalf and tell me EVERYTHING about it.

Thursday 21st brings Novel Nights - a monthly event run by Grace Palmer and Helen Sheppard delivering 'Inspiration, stories and discussion for writers and readers'. Novel Nights delivers on all of those promises. There are stories on the theme of love and romance and a talk on The Road to Publication from author Lucy Robinson. I shall be reading a new story called 'She loves me, She loves me not'...a toughie to deliver. 8pm, Strawberry Thief Bar, Bristol.

Saturday 23rd is the second Hawkesbury Upton Literary Festival. Founded by author Debbie Young. Imagine a meteorite of talks, readings and workshops falling out of the sky onto a Cotswold village. It will have impact alright - there's loads going on - and it will be a celebration. It's on all day.

And on Sunday 24th, there is Stroud Short Stories, organised by John Holland. This is the 11th of the hugely successful SSS events and it kicks off at 8pm at Stroud Valley Artspace. It's sold out! I am one of 'the April Ten' reading stories under the banner of 'Los Muertos' although I'm sure most of us will be alive. It's just the right time of year to be reading 'Mayfly' but I warn you, if the mention of pants and the heartache doesn't cause a crinkly mouth...a quick burst of singing from me, most certainly will.

Bravo readers, performers and participants of all descriptions.

Huge thanks to all the organisers who make it all possible for you and I to enjoy.

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