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Remember, remember...

Remember, remember the whole of October.

It promised epic.

It delivered.

Thank you to the Avon Federation of Women's Institutes - for having me and for admittance into your 2018 year-book. Two stories in 20 minutes and a strict shepherds-crook for the tardy, was an interesting challenge - not enough time for props. I have lots of props and some laughs to share too.

Yeeeee-haaaaaaaah to Stokes Croft Writers for winning the Bristol Festival of Literature Flash Slam for the second year running. Amazing Bristol talent on show from all the participating teams and buckets of support for all. On the SCW team, Cillit Flash Bang, there were amazing performances including the best lady-voice this side of heaven, the sale of a husband, chocolate, wine and glitter. Oh...and I was an alien. There'll be more of that. The final challenge was to write a story in 15 minutes. I was useless! Luckily we had a black-belt in our ranks. Bows duly taken by Christopher Fielden, Christie Cluett and Mel Ciavucco.

Picture courtesy of Mel Ciavucco.

Story Saturday, Let Me Tell You A Story, Jack and Talking Tales were all amazing events too. I can now add pizza kitchen to my list of venues and can vouch most vociferously for the diverse, brave and brilliant readers on all of these nights. Thomas David Parker showed his Nibbles to an audience too!

Next up on the news front is a blog about a busk.

Take care until then


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