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Write Up! Speak Up!

This will be a post in two parts.

I am thrilled to be part of Write Up! Speak Up! – an event showcasing local talent just a few miles away from home in Wells. Part of the Wells Festival of Literature 2018 and in an awesome venue too.

I just love the ethos – a diverse mix of speakers and performers (fact, fiction and lots more too) that I know will entertain and inspire us all. And then I found out there were 16 of us – what a fantastic array of talent it’s going to be. I know, roughly, what 2 of the 16 are going to talk about…plus me of course. Of the remainder, I am expectant, I am excited and I am delighted to be in the audience, never mind on the stage.

Huge thanks Bryony Brooks for curating the event and making it so easy for us all.

Thanks in anticipation to our host for the evening Simon Parkin.

If you’re in the South West on Sunday night (21st Oct 18 - 7pm) – come along.

Part 2 - the post event glow - to follow.

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