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Hawkesbury Upton Lit Fest

The latest in a series of posts about events that make me happy.

Take one village – a good one, in a good location. Let’s say South Gloucestershire. Hawkesbury Upton.

Take one day – a good one, in a good month. A whole one. Let’s say Saturday. 27th April 2019.

Add opening and closing ceremonies, a bookshop café, an art exhibition, a guided tour, literary events for children and teens, literary panel conversations, literary workshops, literary talks and literary readings and performances.

What an amazing thing that would be.

But something’s missing. A name. Yes, that’s it.

Add Debbie Young – or the Debbie Young twins as I like to think of her because this is someone so prolific that it is impossible to comprehend there’s only one of her. Author of fiction and non-fiction, blogger, ambassador (Alliance of Independent Authors), panellist, Director and Founder…

…but something’s missing. A name. Yes, that’s it.

A fabulous day out, this Lit Fest in a bottle is now in its fifth year. It’s charming and it features countless excellent authors and a wealth of excellent talks, panels, workshops and readings. All in one place, all in one day and all for free.

It is an amazing thing.

And it’s on Saturday – go along, you’ll love it.

As part of a full day of literary events, I shall be reading a story in the Short Stories slot at 1pm – chaired by John Holland and shared with some stellar talents.

Hope to see you there


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