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A dramatic turn of events...

I can’t write this blog for fear of gushing.

I’d gush about the Theatre and Performance Skills course I’ve just completed. I’d gush about the Natural Theatre Company. I knew I loved performing stories, I knew I wanted to be better and quite by chance I came across the NTC who made me laugh…in Bath…during the Summer. I signed-up, expectant – for 10 weeks.

I’d gush about our facilitator, play leader, oracle and spiritual carer – the brilliant and astonishing Daisy Douglas. A heady mix of encouragement, expert advice, pastoral care, support, direction, fun and shepherdessing. Daisy helped us play, learn, laugh, experiment and grow. A theatrical Yoda with off-the-scale people skills and occasional expletives. Bravo!

I’d gush about my fellow playmates. Thirteen complete strangers including me, not sure what we were doing, not sure where we were going. But trusting and giving – week after week. Brave as kittens – tentative and fearless in equal measure. Such warmth and generosity and joy in the discovery of things. Big hearts, a privilege to encounter.

I’d gush about a silent protest and a grey dress.

I’d gush that I learned more than I bargained for.

I’d gush red heart-shaped thanks to one and to all.

So, I can’t write this blog. It would be too gushy.

I’ll just tell the story in my Monday night tweets so you get the idea.

But before you read them – just to say you can do this too in Bath and Bristol.

New courses start in January 2020 – book now - you'll love it.

My request is that you tag @writingsett in your tweets, so I can read your gushes too.

Week 1

I loved it, but was a little shy.

No tweet.

Week 2

Monday evening.

Got drenched

Winked and got winked at

Jumped up and down

Gave birth to a Raven

A lovely band of jumpers and winkers we are too

Week 3

Monday evening

Was a toilet lid

Was married in Chile 10 years ago

Got lucky in a nightclub

And went boing wahaay with my Waitrose

Dark nights? Not on Mondays

Week 4

Monday evening

Tonight I was a strawberry, silly at that

Took a history lesson, sat next to the queen

Learned from my fellow players - in underpants, hats and gloves

Thinking about pictures, silence and...timing

Postcards - not just for holidays!

Week 5

Monday evening

Walked, stopped, started again

Saw an awesome troop of umbrellas

Got slow and tight knit in...walking, stopping, starting again

We’re allowed props

Then a break

Monday evening

No play



Only 7 more sleeps...

Week 6

Monday evening

A big and smiley 'hello playmates'

Learned about making pictures for the audience

Handed round a scarf until someone sneezed into it

Copped off with a lady in a Russian hat - small and not smiley as it happens

Good to be back...

Week 7

Monday evening

Played a part in National No Smiling Day

Loved the challenge and being part of an awesome team

Heard the phrase "Your breasts are important to us all"

Had to smile at that!

Oh...and they have a props room

Week 8

Monday evening...

Slapped thighs and pointed a bit

Heard some great ideas


Practising my lines before next week ‘a pair of tights please...large’

Week 9

Monday evening...

Did a lot of cleaning

Blew a whistle

Then did both of those with a wig on

You don't have to have a voice to make a statement...

Week 10

Monday evening...

The start of something much more than an end

Growth and learning new skills

Friendships and smiles

Playtime and dressing up

Thank you Daisy Douglas and Natural Theatre Company for creating such a bright and lovely thing

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