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And the award goes to...

The Art House cafe


1st February 2020

Hosted by Jayne Ede

Eclectic, energetic, energising

Inventive, intriguing, inspiring

Brave and brilliant

And big of heart

These are the jewels to polish and to treasure.

The Art House café is a place of haven and refreshment for artists of all kinds - including the writer-friend I met up with there last night. A lovely space, with a positive vibe and a welcoming soul. I was sad to hear it needs financial help, glad to see so many people working hard to keep it going. Read more here and donate if you can - it's a special environment and this is another planet worth saving.

Jayne Ede is a poet and the creator of Salon. I can also report that Jayne is a cheer-leader, ring-master, technician, time-keeper, comedian, shaker of a tambourine and is obviously much loved. Jayne should be so proud of creating Salon - the event, its DNA and bringing together a room full of people who were lucky to have sailed with her on this first, brave, voyage. Such a success!

The set-list was long, packed with talent and full of joy. From rap to sword dancing, poetry to comedy, improv to handpan. From keyboards to guitar with songs of course. From artist to artist to artist and from ukulele to ukulele to ukulele. Read more about it here and follow the links too. Thanks also to a warm and appreciative crowd for indulging an alien.

We should all support venues like the Art House café and doff our caps to the organisers of events - they fret and worry if their bravery will be rewarded. I am thankful, because these opportunities to perform and be inspired, in special places and with lovely people, are the jewels I value most.

I may have come from another planet, but I felt at home.

I think it was because there were so many big and shiny hearts on display.

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