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Happy birthday and thank you - WriteClub

Thank you WriteClub for a night of inspiration on your 7th Birthday.

Thank you for the 15 writers that shared their work from fantasy to boiling frogs, from pink jug poetry to childbirth and the menopause. From Armitage Shanks to social media and writing, of course. Thank you for the talent and the meaningful pursuit of putting splots onto a page to make me see, and hear and feel your words.

Thank you for the last minute call-up. The quick change, the quick selection of stories, the fast tracking of the doubt I had been chewing on for a couple of days. I was feeling shy and small in my being and you showed me the way out of that…thank you again.

Thank you to Helen Sheppard and Anita Karla Kelly for being such brilliant headliners - you are amazing.

Thank you to the party-goers for listening to me and making some decisions for a story that was part mine, part yours and part Madonna’s…this time. If you'd like to hear more, my show Love. Stories. is on at the Bath Fringe Festival on 26th May and 10th June - details here.

It was June 2016 when I first attended a WriteClub event. I was asked to do preposterous things like write – there and then, to order, with prompts and other people in the room! Terrifying and energising and addictive and fun – a bit like Thursday night.

Thank you to Al Powell for the call and all the energy, community and inspiration.

Thanks to Emily Koch, for also making this happen – back in 2016 that is.

Seven years of WriteClub helping so many splots find their way onto a page.

Happy birthday and thank you xx


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