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Love. Stories. at Camden Fringe 2023

I grew up in Camden, well I'm still working on it but you know what I mean.

Nearly 20 of my most formative years.

There were pigeons nesting outside my bedroom window.

And a Spud-U-Like in Camden High Street - it was a while ago now.

So, I'm very excited that my show Love. Stories. will be part of Camden Fringe 2023.

I shall be taking a sack of Love Hearts to the amazing Aces and Eights in Tufnell Park.

Not once, but twice - on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Saturday 26th August 23 at 5.00 pm

Sunday 27th August 23 at 5.00 pm

Tickets priced at £7/£5 are bookable via the Camden Fringe website.

Looking forward to pigeons and performances. Less so the spuds.

Special thanks to Tom at Aces and Eights and to Zena and Michelle at Camden Fringe.


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