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Love. Stories. - the pilot episode

Love and stories. My two favourite things and now a spoken word show I’ve written and hope to take to the road.

'Why?' you ask.

Some of you may have guessed I am a stupid romantic - I’ve had that down as my occupation since the census of 1981. As I’ve declared that telling stories is the ‘best thing ever’, it may not surprise you that most of my stories are about love in one way or another. My personal Venn diagram of love and stories looks like a solar eclipse.

I pitched for a live lit pub tour earlier in the year. The selection panel audition was huge fun and although I wasn’t selected, I wasn’t deterred. The experience was great and the feedback was useful – I needed a clearer offering to pitch to landlords.

Love. Stories. is the result – an hour long exploration of love, heartache, laughs and absurdity. I will reveal a few of my best and most cringe-worthy romantic moments and I’ll invite others to do the same.

I need to pilot Love. Stories. and I’m grateful to The Assembly Inn in Bath for making that possible.

Love. Stories - the pilot episode will air at:

8pm - Friday 1st July 22

The Assembly Inn (the cellar bar)

17 Alfred Street,

Bath BA1 2QU

I’m really looking forward to sharing Love. Stories. with you and to hear what you think - feedback welcomed.

It’s a free event – spend your money at the bar!

Stories will be told. Hearts will be worn.

As ever.


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