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Imagine my delight at being asked to headline a story telling event?

Imagine me getting the keys to Cadbury's that kind of excited!

The brilliant Philip Douch hosts Stories For Grown Ups in Stroud.

It's upstairs at No23 Bistro&Bar, Nelson St, Stroud GL5 2HH on Sunday 2nd October at 8pm.

£5 entry reserved via or on the door.

I shall be reading the following four stories:

Ups and Downs - in seach of puffins...and dry land

Tropical Fish - featuring someone in the audience reading 'Mrs Webb' I hope

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not - in which a flower, and a heart, may get torn to pieces

ManBoyManBoy...Boy - not featuring black suede pixie boots. But one day...

You'll be glad to know you get a break from me and, no doubt, delighted that you'll hear two of Philip's stories and one more from a mystery guest that could be you. If you have a story to share (1500 words/10 mins max), put your name forward and you may get drawn from the hat and have the honour of starting the second half.

I'm thrilled...slightly scared in a good way...and very much looking forward to it.

Not just for the final story, in which it's mentioned, I'll be wearing my badge...

'half freedom fighter, half in love with my Polish human biology teacher'

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