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Love Stories on Valentines Day - Chippenham

How perfect! Love. Stories. will be performed on Valentine's Day this year.

How perfect! The amazing people at Kandu-Arts for Sustainable Development have made this possible.

How perfect! It's pay what you can afford and everyone gets free Love Hearts.

So, if you're within 100 miles of Chippenham, Wiltshire and can get to The Rotary Hall, Station Hill by 7:30pm, you can earn zillions of love points by making it a Valentine's Day date-night you will never forget. You can book ahead here or just turn up on the night.

This interactive theatre piece is that latest offering from Kandu-Arts, the Chippenham based company that has been using arts and activities to explore a wide range of issues and nurture strong relationships within the community for 25 years.  They are amazing people doing amazing work.

The show has a strong element of audience involvement - nothing that requires you to get out of your seat but you will be asked to:

  • play The World Cup of Love Songs

  • decide on the course of one story and who appears at the end

  • share your own best and worst romantic moments...having laughed at mine.

It would be perfect if you come along.



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