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Love. Stories. on 21st July 23

Part of Shaftesbury Fringe Festival – the first of 2 shows held at the Nun’s Passage, King Alfred’s Kitchen, Shaftesbury. The first event in the new venue, with a lovely audience, we created this…

Everyone loved the cavern with twinkly lighting. Many in the audience needed two goes at sitting down, but everyone got the hang of it.

The was an audible ‘Ahhh’ at the end of ‘A Sign’ – oohs were to follow later.

The World Cup of Love Songs brought a shock result – a semi-finalist scored nil. Here are the results.

Semi-Final 1: Into My Arms by Nick Cave v Don’t go breaking my heart by Elton John and Kiki Dee

Result: Into my Arms 1 - 6 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Semi-Final 2: Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel v He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones

Result: Just The Way You Are 7 – 0 He Stopped Loving Her Today

World Cup of Love Songs Final

Result: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 3 – 5 Just The Way You Are

Congratulations to Billy Joel.

In Mark's best and worst romantic moments, there was mention of letters. A year’s worth of letters…written in ink, on paper and placed in a post box no less.

The audience made appalling choices for Humi and put her at risk, but Madonna made it alright in the end.

The audience shared some love stories too.

There was detail about a date with a corset wearing friend of a friend met at a party in London. The date was the next day at a climbing wall (her first time!!), but it started well. It ended less well after an inexperienced hand on a GriGri braking device released the rope entirely, causing our audience member to crash to the floor, break 3 vertebrae, end up in hospital and still not secure a second date! ‘Not even out of sympathy?’ someone asked. ‘No,’ was the response. I am glad to report a full recovery - physically and romantically.

Then we heard about an alcohol induced blackout and a young woman waking to find herself naked in bed with another couple she didn’t remember at all. That wasn’t it. The audience member thought she’d do it all again sober the next night and she did…but that wasn’t it either. It…was that they stayed together as a ‘throuple’ for the next 2 years! Proof, if you needed it, that love stories come in all shapes, sizes and odd numbers too.

Huge thanks to those who opened their hearts to share their stories – they were great.

There was a fully orchestrated story…that didn’t end well.

And a visiting alien was very confused indeed.

A successful Shaftesbury debut for yours truly and for the Nun’s passage – do support the venue in future. Huge thanks to Renate, Tom and Charlie at King Alfred’s Kitchen for their help and support.

Heart-felt thanks for everyone who took a chance on love and made a show with me.

Mark xx


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