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Love. Stories. on 27th Aug 23

The second Camden Fringe show at Aces & Eights. With a select audience of brilliant creatives, we created this…

I probably over-stocked the Love Hearts – but they came in handy on the long drive home.

‘I’m not one of your heifers, you know!’ she said. Tom got the message.

The World Cup of Love Songs had an eclectic mix of semi-finalists.

The results were:

Semi-Final 1: Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey v Let’s Stay Together by Al Green.

(Second appearance by Al Green over the weekend? Not quite. The ‘Al Green’ track chosen the day before was, at the time. ascribed to Marvin Gaye. We won’t tell Al if you don’t).

Result: Diamonds Are Forever 6 – 7 Let’s Stay Together

Semi-Final 2: Listen To Your Heart by Roxette v Grounds For Divorce by Elbow

Result: Listen To Your Heart 5 – 6 Grounds For Divorce

World Cup Final

Result: Let’s Stay Together 2 – 5 Grounds For Divorce

(Love songs are a broad church – great choice to add to the World Cup Hall of Fame.)

There was the usual colossal lovesick idiocy of my past.

Humi doesn’t run the world – if she did, she’d sue the audience for their bad judgement. Luckily, Beyonce runs the world and all was well.

There were some great audience Love. Stories.

An upsetting and simultaneously impressive story about a first date that was never going to blossom into a love affair. A meeting in an amusement arcade. A first go at the claw machine and unexpected success – a massive teddy bear was won! It was, obviously, given to the date in the coolest and most romantic thing ever…on a first date that was never going to blossom into a love affair. Hmmm…

A trip to a lesbian bar – the first and last trip. An approach by a woman that wasn’t a woman and the request for a blow job – very scary at the age of 17.

A man in a bar with friends. Compliments from a guy in the group –I think you’re ‘good looking’, ‘nice shirt’. Drinks, shots and a polite exchange followed – the offer of sex, ‘thanks, but I’m not gay,’ and ‘no worries man, you have a good night.’ A modern tale of transparency and mutual respect – I liked that.

A date that talked about their ex all night…an actress apparently, been on TV. A modern tale of too much information and not much respect – I didn’t like that so much. Be in the moment people, it’s the least we all deserve.

Thanks for sharing what is probably the least ‘romantic’ set of love stories so far.

There was bellowing like a stag, ‘with tears and a broken soul.’

And there was feeling ‘brave and funny and shiny’. As you know, this confuses me.

Many thanks to Simon of Striplight Productions and the terrific members of Write Together North London – you know who you are and you know you saved the day in taking a chance on love and making a show with me.

Mark xx


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