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Who do we want to be...?

Who do I want to be in the world – in my work and in my life?

That was the subject of a one-minute pitch in a voice coaching module of a leadership programme. There was 15 minutes notice and a cast of 26 crown (mostly civil) servants.

I can feel you building pigeon holes and boxes into which to squeeze us.

I’m not sorry to disappoint you – with hand gestures if necessary.

We are more than your prejudices. We reject your stereotyping. We are better books than our covers and very human beings. I came away in awe, with gratitude and inspired by my colleagues. You would have done too.

I jotted down some of their wisdom, including:

  • Engineering, professionalism and being proud

  • Listening, making music, being the best that you can be

  • Making time, for partners and children and for yourself

  • Serving others (including your country), helping others, supporting others

  • Being passionate, authentic, genuine and being in the moment

Catalyst Cohort #3 – with much respect and many thanks. It was a great couple of days.

And me? Who do I want to be in the world?

I said this…

I want to be the boy I always was.

Curious, caring, hopeful. Optimistic and trusting.

The boy who explained to his Mum that the wind was created by air going in and coming out of milk bottles.

I want to be the man I am.

Hard working, diligent, kind, trusted and trusting still – a bit of a crier.

Creative, energised and never as alive as when I’m telling a story to an audience from a stage.

Making them laugh, then getting them here [points to heart]

I want to be the man I’ve never been.

The singer, the dancer, the serial shagger? I think the moment has passed, don’t you?

The one without the doubt.

The one with self-belief that lasts longer than the boiling of the kettle.

The man who is creative and energised and telling stories from a stage - having patented his theory about why the wind blows or written a novel and had that published…one of the two.

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