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Love. Stories. on 26th May 23

Love. Stories. Fringe debut at Bath Fringe Festival – the first of 2 shows held at The Grapes, Bath. On this warm night, with this lovely audience, we did a show together like this…

Everyone survived the extreme romance on a farm story.

There was lots of cheering in the World Cup of Love Songs.

Semi-Final 1: Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits v It must be love by Madness

Result: Romeo and Juliet 7 – 6 It must be love

Semi-Final 2: Maybe I’m amazed by Wings v Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye

Result: Maybe I’m amazed 3 – 8 Let’s get it on

World Cup of Love Songs - Final

Result: Romeo and Juliet 7 – 9 Let’s get it on

Mark shared some of his romantic history including falling down some stairs and whistling 'As time goes by'.

Lizzo saved the day and blew Zach away…all the way to Chippenham.

The audience shared some of their love stories...

A tale about a post-holiday romance sustained by letters sent between Nottinghamshire (him) and Scotland (her). A much-anticipated visit a year later only to find ‘a brother of a good friend' sleeping on the couch. Couch surfing turned out to be a joint undertaking and the weekend did not go as planned.

A best and worst in the same story. A fantastic Rod Stewart gig, a great night in the open air. During the interval, a couple kept dancing, extravagantly, delightfully into the night. A celebratory moment…cheered on by a stand of people until the realisation that the stand of people were cheering for them. Did they dance on with carefree abandon? Sadly, they did not.

A memory of being 23 and a month into a new relationship. A good night out, laughing, dancing, a great time and a declaration, 'I think I love you.' [Mark’s note – extra points for a declaration]. The response…? ‘F**k off’. Ah…

In contrast, a story about visiting a friend and the call, over a bannister, ‘anyone want a cup of tea?’ Our audience member said yes to the tea, stayed a long time and 27 years later, he and the tea-maker remain happily married.

There was the sound of heartache...Ting.

An alien said, ‘love Gods do not exist.’ *

Picture: thanks to Gail Swann

Huge and heart-felt thanks for everyone who took a chance on love and made a show with me. You can read Beccy Golding's lovely (4-Star) review on the Bath Fringe Hub.

Mark xx

* Except, perhaps, Marvin Gaye


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